car2go and car seats

I signed up with car2go quite a while ago. It is a really nice service to have around, but not one that I’d use with any regularity. One of the main reasons is because of transporting the little one. After much poking around the internet trying to find the answer to whether you can use a car seat with a 3 year old in a car2go Smart Car, I finally have the answer, officially, from car2go Member Services:

Thank you for contacting car2go! The smart car owner’s manual states that only children 12 years or older should ride in smart vehicles, with some exceptions made for children in booster seats if the passenger airbag can be turned off. Unfortunately, car2go’s passenger airbags are triggered by a weight sensor in the front seat that cannot be turned off, and therefore we highly advise against any children under the age of 12 riding in our vehicles. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns, and have a wonderful day!

There was a lot of misinformation around on various web sites (typical). Hopefully this will come up in a search for someone else trying to find the answer.