Shifting here and there

I haven’t updated my blog in a long, long time. And this isn’t the first post I’ve ever done that states something similar. I’ve gone through various shifts to and away from my web site over the years.  I’ll probably shift back and forth. Again.

Another reason for the shift is getting away from Facebook. I’m just really not enjoying it anymore and have loads of better stuff to do with my time. Especially with the current presidential election cycle and the crazy amount of shit going on with that – I really don’t want to see the news, or what other people think is news. Especially when it’s about one absolutely f’ing ridiculous person who has no business being a presidential contender. (I started writing this post before election day. At this point the unthinkable has happened and we are all trying to figure out what to do about it.)


I still want to keep a log of some things, some time. I just don’t need to post really regular updates to Facebook. And then wonder if anyone sees or cares anyway. Because I don’t care if they care. If I want you to care, I’ll contact you directly and we’ll talk about it (hopefully).

A LOT has changed since I was regularly updating this site. (oddly enough I was active posting a lot when the last republican president was in office. Maybe it’s time to post more again…)

I am no longer a graphic/web designer. I have finally moved so far away from it in my new career and life that I can say that! It is a really good thing. I am so happy to NOT be doing that work any more.

I am a farmer. A small-scale, urban farmer, using organic methods and practices to grow vegetables. (We call it biologically intensive, since we aren’t “certified” organic and have no plans to be.) The place I farm is called Franklinton Gardens. I am the farm manager.

As I said at first, its been a lot time since I’ve updated my site. And then I said I started writing this post before election day – June 15, 2016. It’s November 12 today …

This site still matters to me. I started posting over 10 years ago. And over that time it has been a loose track on my deviation from being a corporate graphic designer to a farmer. In some ways I feel like 10 years ago is about when I started to wake up. But, really, I just started living a more aware, intentional, thoughtful life. Paying more attention to how I was living rather than how well I was living. I happened to focus on food. Initially on what I was eating, but then became aware that the whole food system is kinda whacked and wanted to become a part of it. I am now, and it is a real challenge. Not one that any farmer, or any person should take lightly. But I love it, and wouldn’t do anything else.