Quite a year

My last post was years ago. Four years ago. I thought I’d come back to writing on my blog again after that last post, but I didn’t. Too hard to make time. Also at some point, shortly after my last post, my WordPress install got whacked. More whacked than I care to find out. So I couldn’t actually post. Until today – when I just took an hour and figured it out. I’m glad it wasn’t that hard to get going because I was about to throw in the towel and shut the whole thing down. Let the domain name expire and move on. But I have so many years of posts that I didn’t want to lose. And I like to write. So this can still be an outlet. If I can find the time.

I mentioned in the last post it was just after the 2016 election when I published it. It is hard to believe it’s been four years. Things have changed so much, in so many ways. And they haven’t changed more in the past four years as they have in just the past six months.

Besides Trump being the absolute hands down worst and I mean worst president in history by a long stretch, it has been a pretty good four years. Unlike some, I do not believe there is a single good thing Trump has to his credit. Even if he had done something good for society, it is so far outshined by the questionable things he’s done. He is (trying) to take this country down a troubled path and I really don’t think any of us want to find out where he’s going with it. I don’t think we can get him out of office soon enough. I do fear that the next months until he is out of office will be quite terrible. I wouldn’t put it past him to really do something extreme and drastic. But I really hope he doesn’t.

On to the good:

We’ve been in our house for 5 years now. And it is really a wonderful place.

Theo was born in 2017 and he is really becoming a character. Emma started school the same year at a French immersion city school.

I changed jobs in 2018 and couldn’t be happier. (Well, I’m sure I could but this position is pretty great.)

My wife changed jobs in 2020 and she’s in a better place in a lot of ways. She’s at least more where she wants to be too.

Emma is a third grader! Insane! She’s an amazing, wonderful girl.

I bought a different car. Maybe two cars since 2017? Got rid of the big red Ford truck. I didn’t post about either (any?) of them … a 2013 Nissan Leaf in 2016? 17? And then when that didn’t work out a 2011 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI which is maybe the best car I’ve ever had. I looooved the Leaf too. But the battery life and range was dismal.

We bought a 40″ tv. And a wii. And subscribe to several streaming services. Such a change from how I grew up and lived my life for so many years.

I got an electronic drum set this year. It was something I always wanted and I’m thrilled to have a drum set. (Now if I can just find time to play it.)

I built a deck. And started building a treehouse. This after mostly finishing the renovation of our master bath (just need to build a frame for the mirror.)

Had our roof replaced in 2020.

Bought a bunch of word working tools.

Planted an awesome garden that gets better every year.

And in 2020 had the toughest, most challenging and stressful year ever. Along with most of the planet.