Trying to understand

In an effort to try and understand at least a little bit of why or how someone could possibly vote for Mr. Trump after the last four years and after the recent mishandling of just about everything, I’m making this post. I don’t know many people who have or would vote for Trump. Recently someone mentioned that they were still considering whom to vote for.

I won’t say who the person in question is. Surprisingly, they indicated in an email that they are worried what Biden and the Democrats would do to the “stock market.” My initial response to this was that Biden and the Democrats themselves wouldn’t do anything to the market – it’s the stupid investors creating this huge unsustainable bubble and their reaction to a change in leadership that will potentially cause problems.

I don’t see anything to worry about – from what I can tell, Biden will bring logic and reason back to the government. Possibly they will re-enact some of the common-sense regulations that helped us get out of the last recession caused by a bursting bubble – to hopefully minimize the impact of the next bubble bursting and yet another recession happening. The market is where it is at right now partly due to Obama and legislation correcting those mistakes, and partly due to various things the Trump administration has done.

It’s debatable how much a single president can really do to impact the market. It seems to me that stepped into the office in the middle of a huge turnaround that simply kept going and possibly was helped a little by his actions. The Democrats aren’t really in it to dismantle all that. But, they will most likely focus on other important issues, rather than seeming to make the stock market central in order to help the rich get richer. The stock market is not the economy and only helps a limited number of people.

From my perspective, things are currently very messed up as a result of the current administrations inability and incompetence. So, I said to them that I hope they isn’t voting for him as he’s been the worse president in history.

A list of things from a mass/group email was sent to me, probably from a far-right Trump supporter no doubt, that I’d like to look more into. Mainly because – for sure – the news that I read is for the most part solely what the president is doing and usually doing wrong.

There had also been mention of past relatives changing their party affiliation from democrat to republican due to some increase in taxes long ago. I certainly don’t have any context of the claim. From what little I actually know about the relatives they are or were mostly farmers in rural areas. And, I certainly have heard that those outside of cities in rural areas don’t always agree with the taxes levied to pay for roads, schools, infrastructure, etc. And, because most farmers never see the benefit of these things they are usually opposed to them. Taxes are a social thing and certainly far more are collected from cities. And if you aren’t social … well, you wouldn’t want to pay them. But I certainly think everyone needs to pay their share. Taxes are a very typical conservative thing to not like. But they are necessary and are the reason most of the services we all use exist.

I still have to do my homework on Biden’s track record.

I am unsure why someone would need to do homework for Biden, the only option against someone like Trump, who’s track record is horrid across the board (unless you are rich). Recent news points out that he isn’t the businessman he has made himself out to be. He handled the coronavirus pandemic terribly. His approach to immigration and the border wall is appalling. His failure to consistently and immediately denounce white supremacy is criminal, really. I could go on but want to get to the list …

Here’s what a friend sent to me

So yeah. It was quite a block of text. I love how there is always seemingly no formatting to these things. I’m going to break it up, though, so that I can fact check it and break it down. Certainly, in my quest for knowledge, I do not frequent web sites or news sources that seem to report on what good Trump has done. It is hard to find the good. So it was kinda bewildering that this was apparently a list of what he has done and that the author things people should appreciate.

But right away, it gives me the impression that maybe this is stuff other people have done, but Trump has just signed. That doesn’t mean he’s done anything.

Do you dislike that he made cruelty to animals a FELONY?

Trump did not do this. It is an act of congress. He signed the bill. That’s it.

The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT) is a bipartisan initiative that bans the intentional crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating, impalement or other serious harm to “living non-human mammals, birds, reptiles, or amphibians.”

Do you dislike he gave billions to stop the opioid crisis?

Yes, he has done some work on this. First announcing money in a budget, which wasn’t enough to do much to the problem. Later, he announced more money devoted to the problem. But also has allowed the real criminals to run free. On the surface these announcements sound good. But it seems some good sounding actions distraction from the real aim,  making or keeping someone else rich. Not about helping those addicted to opiods.

He destroyed ISIS, killed how many terrorists without going to war and oh wait, everyone said we’d be in World War III by now with North Korea?

First of all. Nowhere have I ever seen that we were at risk of WWIII with North Korea. Overblown. In fact, there has been far more worry about WWIII with Iran. Or with Russia and China.

Trump didn’t destroy ISIS. He has talked about it a lot and there’s been a lot of talk about it. But I think he’s about the only one in power claiming that 100% defeat.

Do you dislike him because we are the Largest producer of oil?

In my opinion, being the biggest producer of oil is not a good thing. We need to be moving beyond oil. We would be farther ahead if we were taking leadership and being the world leader and biggest producer of alternatives to oil. Fracking “changed the game” but fracking is horrible. We don’t even know the long term costs to this “technology innovation.” Just what happens to that “flowback water” that is hauled off? We need to be working on phasing out fossil fuels, not being the leading producer of them! We will get behind and be playing catch up for years if we keep investing in fossil fuels and not new technologies. We are almost in 2021 and we are still completely dependent on oil!

Do you dislike him because he wanted to build a wall to keep criminals and drugs from coming in?

This is a complicated one. It is not as simple as just keeping criminals and drugs from coming in. I certainly don’t know all the issues or have all the answers. Would a wall help prevent criminals and drugs? Well, a wall would help anywhere to deter people. Will this massive wall keep criminals and drugs from coming in? No. Most of the drugs and criminals are not just coming across easy places in the border. People trying to escape, seeking asylum to find a better life come across easy places in the border.  Are there some criminals mixed in along these people? Just like in the White House and in most neighborhoods, there are criminals among the population. The way Trump went about it, claiming Mexico would pay for the wall was just asinine. This is not one of his accomplishments. One thing that seems to me is that there are some construction companies looking to cash in on building this wall. The amount each “prototype” section costs seems astronomical. I haven’t researched it, but what exactly did nearly a half million dollars go into when building these each of prototypes? That is a lot of money for a useless prototype section of wall!

Do you dislike him because he just slashed the price for medications and some cases 50%, which is driving big Pharma nuts? 

He likes to talk and mislead. And is very limited in scope. This does not apply to most Americans. A talking point, that’s it. Not an accomplishment.

Do you dislike that he signed a law ending the gag-order on pharmacists that prevented them from sharing money-saving options on prescriptions?

Another bill or two passed by congress that Trump signed. Was it his idea to begin with? or was this something already in the works? He wasn’t an author for either one. Just the signer – but he can take credit for supporting the legislation. Certainly lower drug prices are a great thing for those who buy them often. I don’t dispute that. It is a week addition to a list of this sort.

Do you dislike that he signed the Save Our Seas Act which funds 10 million per year to clean tons of plastic and garbage from the ocean?

A much needed action, and yet another bill passed by congress, simply signed by Trump. It partially re-authorizes money to NOAA that it was previously getting. It was also apparently bipartisan and not opposed by a single congressperson. So this was hardly a huge win – it is an obviously, duh, kind of thing that Trump can’t take credit for.

Do you dislike that he signed a bill for airports to provide breast-feeding stations for nursing moms?

I’m not even going to find any fact-checking about this. Cool that he signed it. But also a huge duh kind of thing airports and other public places need more of.

Do you dislike that he signed the biggest wilderness protection and conservation bill in a decade designating 375,000 acres as protected land?

Hmmm. Take the good with the bad? He’s signed a bill to protect this acreage, but also opened up millions of acres to environmental ruin by stripping away their protections. He’s also taken giant leaps backwards on other environmental issues. The Trump administration and Republicans petty tit-for-tat with the Democrats described in the NYT article is immature. Touting a measly 375,000 acres is completely misguided and ill-informed.

Do you dislike that he loves America and puts Americans first?

Trump’s response to and handling of and leadership during the coronavirus pandemic is telling of just how he puts Americans first.

Do you dislike that he made a gay man the ambassador of Germany and then asked him to clean up national security and unclassified as much of it as possible for transparency?

I can’t wait to look this one up.

Do you dislike that he’s kept almost every campaign promise (with ZERO support from Congress who work against him daily!) plus 100 more promises because Washington was much more broken than he thought?

This is just a baseless claim. Without details it is easy to say he’s kept promises.

Do you dislike like that he works for free, donating his salary to different charities?

Do you dislike that he’s done more for the black community than every other President?

I definitely want proof for this one …

Do you dislike that he listened to senator Scott and passed Invest In Opportunity Zones to help minorities?

Do you dislike that he passed prison reform, which gives people a second chance and has made quite a huge difference for the black communities?

He passes things like this – it’s not his idea. He touts them solely to make himself look good.

Do you dislike that he passed VA reforms to benefit the very people who served our country and defend our freedom?

Do you dislike that he’s winning and signing new trade deals that benefit Americans, instead of costing us more?

Do you dislike that he loves his flag and his country?

I’m not sure he really loves this country. He says he does because he’s president and if he didn’t, he’d have problems.

And in closing the email, this person says I certainly don’t like the mud-slinging. I certainly don’t either, but Trump sure does. (link to the debate)