About me

2/26/2008 …

I recently did one of those online personality tests and the results came back to tell me I’m an “Explorer / Negotiator.” Which, is a more interesting description of a personality type than I think I’ve heard. I’m also an ISTJ on the Meyers-Briggs, but considering I’m quite the explorer I’ll stick with the first description.

I do like to travel, and wander and generally move around, never quite content to stay in one place for too long. But, I have been to a few places I could stick around for a while. Like southern France and the Inishowen Peninsula of Ireland. I lived in Seattle for a record length of time, but I’ve moved to the eastern USA and now live in Southeastern Ohio!

I somehow ended up in the perfect line of work to be this nomad, doing freelance web and graphic design work. I currently do work for clients that are located in various parts of the country and world. Though I have yet to do work from various parts of the world myself, the potential is there and I hope someday to take advantage of that more.

For 2008 / 2009 I pursued my interest in small-scale organic farming. Mainly I wanted to explore my interest in food and alternative lifestyles. I have also never been content with the fairly typical American lifestyle I was living between graduating from college in 1997 and 2006. I had my share of debt between a new car payment, a manageable credit card debt, a house at one point, a modest appetite for consumption of unnecessary and irrelevant things. After a while I realized living in debt and not being aware of how I’m spending my money and not caring where my money goes when I spend it was not a good way to live. And I also realized in 2006 that not traveling abroad, at least to Europe is really short-changing yourself. So, I took a year off and traveled through all of western Europe, Norway and even went way down south to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and a tiny corner of Zambia.

Now, in mid-2009, I decided to alter direction slightly. I’ve discovered a different life than the corporate grind city slog. There are some amazing people living in rural America, and it is mostly a great place to be. The only issue is it is under-appreciated (i.e. most Americans have this irrational idea that food should be incredibly cheap) and jobs are scarce (at least for a graphic designer). Mainly, though, I realized I want to get back to a long-time interest : electronics and electricity. At this point, I’d really like to get into the solar and other alternative energy field and start working and learning there. As I see it, food and energy are two main things we will always need, and they happen to be two great interests of mine. Since we as a nation and planet will be needing to shift our dependence on oil to a local, renewable resource, it only makes sense to me.

(The pictures in the masthead of this page are mostly from my travels. There are hundreds more on my flickr account.)


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